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Frequently Asked Questions



1.     Where can I purchase That’s Amore Cheese gift card?

Gift cards can be ​purchased at That’s Amore Cheesery store, or online from our menu above.
2.     Will I be able to view my Gift Card balance online?

Yes, click here to view your Gift Card balance online and enter your Gift Card number and PIN.

 3.     Can I get my gift card replaced if it’s lost or stolen?

It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen, or if your Gift Card is shared with an unauthorized third party.

 4.     Where can I use the gift card?

The gift card can be used at That’s Amore Cheesery store, in both cafe or deli to purchase any of our products in store.

The card can’t be used for wholesale orders or online purchase.

 5.     When will my gift card expire?

Gift Cards expire after 3 years.

 6.     What are the card terms and conditions?

Please visit the following link for full Gift Card Terms and Conditions: ​Link

 7.     Can I receive a cash back or a refund for my gift card ?

No, Gift Cards are non-refundable or redeemable for cash back.